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Powerful, bespoke crisis simulation exercises to prepare you to explain and communicate in adverse situations by the UK's best Media Training Company. The China Power Project holds crisis simulations that seek to enhance understanding among scholars and policymakers, test and improve US-China crisis management. Strategic Crisis Simulations is a student organization at George Washington University which builds experiential learning scenarios.

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In this simulation, we will explore the political and ethical ramifications of the migrant crisis on the U.S.'s southern border with Mexico. Inspire confidence and competence with realistic and challenging crisis simulations Many organizations spend valuable resources developing plans, procedures. Do you understand the gaps in your crisis response plans and know the possible remedies? Overview. Kith's crisis simulations, Crisis Squared (Crisis2) and.


Crisis Sims are based on the latest cybersecurity threats and are designed to simulate the real-world crises your organization is likely to face. Our social media crisis simulations mimic a crisis spreading over different social media and influencer channels, so your social media or customer service. Crisis Simulations · Use realistic and challenging scenario triggers. · Observe and record activities during the scenario. · Evaluate the scenario data. · Identify.