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QTS PERU is a textile agent with several years of experience in sourcing and manufacturing high quality garments in PERU. SPECIALIZING IN SCREEN-PRINTING AND EMBROIDERY, PRODUCING CLOTHING FOR OTHERS MADE BUSINESS SENSE SINCE THEY WERE MANUFACTURING ALL THEIR OWN GARMENTS IN PERU. Hours: M-F 9am – 5pm PST. Closed Holidays + Weekends. Apparel Booster © - DESIGNED BY HERPARK.

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Peruvian Garment Suppliers and Manufacturers · Alpaca Fleece · Garments Of Alpaca · Alpaca Wool · Represac Eirl · Textimax · Jenny Aurich · Mikiuacs Eirl · Creacion. Peruvian Traditions mission is to bringing more jobs to Peruvians and to keep brining high end Peruvian garments to the world. Our luxury yarns include Baby. PIMACOC EIRL is a Peruvian clothing manufacturer based in Lima, Peru and specializes in producing high quality garments to export worldwide.

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TSG is Peruvian company founded in We specialize in the manufacturing of clothing made out of Peruvian Pima-Cotton (one of the most sought after. TexCorp founded in Lima by the Jeruth Corporation in , marking the birth of the leader of clothing manufacturing industry in Peru. Looking for Mens Fitness Clothing in peru? then contact Gag Wears (Punjab) India - leading Mens Fitness Clothing Manufacturers, Wholesale Suppliers.