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When humans introduced non-native species such as goats and pigs to the islands, they damaged their habitat. Feral cats and rats also ate the lizards, who were. One in three amphibians and almost half of all tortoises and freshwater turtles are threatened. • The current species extinction rate is estimated to be between. Endangered Animals For Kids Species List & Pictures. Here's a list of endangered animals for kids: Tiger; Orangutan; Giant Panda; Blue Whale; Asian Elephant.

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Climate change is accelerating the sixth extinction World biodiversity has declined alarmingly in half a century: more than 25, species, almost a third of. Many animals living on Earth today are endangered, which means they are at risk of becoming extinct (dying out) on Earth. Endangered animals include tigers. List of endangered animal species · POLAR BEAR · PANDA · THE ELEPHANT · THE WHALE · THE CHIMPANZEE · THE MOUNTAIN GORILLA · THE SNOW LEOPARD · THE TIGER OF SUMATRA.

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Extinct Species List · Dodo bird -- extinct from predation by introduced pigs and cats · Stellar's sea cow -- extinct from hunting for fur and oil · Top 10 Most Endangered Animals · Gorillas · 9. Rhinos · 8. Sea turtles · 7. Saola · 6. North Atlantic right whale · 5. Tooth-billed pigeon · 4. Gharial · 3. Kakapo. Almost animal and plant species are at risk of extinction in NSW. Find out about our threatened species conservation programs and partnerships.