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QFM Space software allows you to effectively manage flexible workspace such as hot desks in order to support mobile employees and contractors. In any instance, hot desking is a workplace sharing approach. It not only allows users to effectively share physical spaces, but also simplifies the sharing of. So, how does desking software work? What are the pros and cons of a shared desk reservation system? This article explains everything you need to know about hot-.

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Hot desking, also known as hoteling, was first introduced in the 90s. It allows businesses to utilise their work area in a non-traditional way. With hot desking. Hot desk booking software is useful for companies that have remote and hybrid workforces and need a system to allow team members to book desks when they need. SSG's desk booking software makes it easy to book desks in advance or in realtime. Implement a desk hoteling strategy to safely transition back to the.

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That's where desk booking software comes in. It's a digital record-keeping system that houses all the variables of your hot desking arrangement. Key Reasons to Use Desk Booking Software. Why use hot desking and other desk booking methods over the more traditional method of assigning desks? Matrix Booking's desk booking software is intuitive, easy to use and quick to implement. Try our 14 Day Free Trial today.