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Jacques-Louis David ( – ). Le Triomphe du Peuple Française (The Triumph of the French People), Etching. Publisher unrecorded. Here are famous French people, artists, composers, inventors, explorers and many more famous people in France, you simply should know about. But French scientists say the skepticism is familiar and doesn't affect their work; When asked whether vaccines are safe, a survey finds French people.

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Native/ethnic French people hailed mainly from Gallic (Celt) and Roman (Latin) with some Germanic (Frankish, Burgundian, Alemannic, Viking/Nordic), Hellenic . Learn about some of the most famous French people who changed the history of France and the world. From Charlemagne to Victor Hugo, and more. The French are, paradoxically, strongly conscious of belonging to a single nation, but they hardly constitute a unified ethnic group by any scientific gauge.

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French people. Category Page. People of French descent. Trending pages. How the French Think: An Affectionate Portrait of an Intellectual People [Hazareesingh, Sudhir] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is unfortunately one of the most negative stereotypes about French people. First of all, not all regions in France have the same general culture or.