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Best drum lessons for kids in San Francisco, California. Sponsored Result. While the children are rumbling, raise your hands and arms and say, “Play louder!” Then lower your hands and arms and say, "Play softer.” Once the children get. Of course, if we ended up buying him a drum kit, it would come with a few conditions. He would have to: Take great care of the drums; Go to drum lessons and.

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Everyone is born with a natural sense of rhythm! Children in this program learn to take advantage of their natural rhythm skills on a variety of percussion. Teach your child how to play percussion with our award winning easy lessons for kids, designed and used by professional percussion teachers and students. Drums require some physical aptitude and hand-eye-ear coordination. To play the drum, the child must be trained to hit the drum at the right strength and in the.

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Kids as young as five can learn to play music but it is usually best if they wait until the age of seven to take drum lessons. Children ages five or six usually. Cy-Fair Music and Arts offers private drum and percussion lessons to students of all backgrounds and skill levels. It doesn't matter if you've played drums in. Hello songs and activities to get class started are too important for words. Kids don't come to music to sit quietly!