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20M FC To FC 4 Strand Indoor Armored Cable Single-Mode 9/ Fiber Patch Cord · 1M SMA SMA OM2 50/ Simplex SMA MM Fiber Optic Patch Cord Jumper · 10M. This single-mode patch cord uses a 9/µm fiber optic cable with dual SC connectors on either end. One end is UPC polish and one end is APC polish. FS offers 3m SC-SC APC single mode armored fiber patch cable that provides stronger protection of the optical fibers to support fiber cablings in harsh.

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» Patchcord duplex L=3m. Fiber Optic Patch Cords › WAVE OPTICS › # Patchcord SC/APC-LC/UPC, SM, 9/ duplex, GD fiber, 3 m. Each SC APC to SC APC Singlemode 9/µm OS2 Simplex Fiber Patch Cable has passed the Insertion Loss, Return Loss Test, and End-face Inspection in the. The Polyphaser FPC1SASA-0SMRY is a SC/APC to SC/APC Simplex 9/ single mode mm diameter fiber optic Patch Cord best used for long cable runs in.

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Wholesale Supplier of Patch Cord - SC to SC APC Patch Cord 3 Meter, SC to SC UPC Patch Cord 3 Meter, LC to LC UPC (Blue) Patch Cord and LC to SC UPC (Blue). Fis S3Yys5Fisapc Sc/Apc-Sc/Apc Sm Sx 5 Meter Sc-Sc Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cable 2m SC/APC-SC/APC Singlemode Simplex mm Slim Fiber Optic Patch Cable. Fiber Optic Patch Cable Single-Mode, Duplex, SC/APC to LC.